Microsoft Teams support coming to AutoUpdate in March

Paul Bowden announced last week that AutoUpdate will officially begin handling Microsoft Teams with the release of MAU 4.45 on March 15, 2022.

“We’ve done a lot of analysis with various Teams builds … and we see quite a lot of segmentation because of the way the Teams built-in updater works right now, and that’s the reason why we’re switching over to MAU,” Bowden said.

“The good impact is that you’ll see a lot more consistency with your Teams versions out there. MAU will fully support not updating Teams while you’re in the middle of a conference call and all the good stuff like that.”

If you are defining an app array in your configuration profile for MAU or using MAUCacheAdmin there are a few things you’ll need to change. Read on for the details.

For years MAU has used a placeholder of “TEAM01” as the Application ID of Teams. However this is changing to “TEAMS10” for the release in March. You’ll need to change this in any configuration profiles you push to your fleet. The ProfileManifests repo has already been updated to reflect the change.

Likewise MAUCacheAdmin also used the placeholder ID, but that channel has not seen a release in years, only serving up the very old Teams version 1.00.129053. MAUCacheAdmin has also been updated and will begin pulling down new Teams releases in March.

These changes can be made immediately. There is no reason to wait until March since the exiting placeholder ID doesn’t result in functional updates at this time.

If you have any questions join us in the #microsoft-autoupdate channel of the MacAdmins Slack.

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