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Granting Munki Full Disk Access

MunkiMunki has been a staple management tool for many MacAdmins for a decade.

However in recent releases of macOS, Munki needs to be granted Privacy Preferences Policy Control permissions to access certain disk locations or update some apps.

Thankfully this has become very easy in the past year thanks to the MacAdmins community.

Read on for details and an example configuration profile.

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Adventures in Fast User Switching on macOS Monterey

For many years I have managed Fast User Switching (FUS) on macOS in the maner documented by Apple; with the MultipleSessionEnabled key in the .GlobalPreferences payload. Unfortunately as of Big Sur the documentation is no longer complete.

I didn’t notice until last week but Nathaniel Strauss reported this problem over a year ago in his article “Managing Fast User Switching Broken in Big Sur.” He also recently confirmed that he has had no luck in getting Apple to restore the functionality via that key.

However thanks to a push in the right direction from colleagues on the MacAdmins Slack, I now have control of FUS reliably working via configuration profile or defaults commands. Read on for the details…

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Managing AirDrop Discoverability Options

AirDrop debuted on the Mac with the release of OS X 10.7 Lion in 2011. A short time later Jared Nichols discovered a way to disable the feature that was then widely shared by Rich Trouton.

For over a decade MacAdmins have been successfully using this preference in scripts and later in configuration profiles to disable AirDrop. However the payload is not officially documented by Apple.

Another preference that Apple has not documented is the ability to configure the discoverability settings of AirDrop: Everyone, Contacts Only or No One.

The method to set this preference has been revealed over the years, but a recent discussion in the MacAdmins Slack made me realize it has not been widely shared. Read on for the details.

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