Baseball photography laptop stand

Shooting from the stands in an empty stadium during the 2020 COVID season was a unique experience.

I photograph a lot of Major League Baseball. The continually changing restrictions due to COVID-19 means we have been positioned in many different places at Minute Maid Park during the past two seasons.

Professional baseball photographers shoot, edit and transmit in a continuous cycle during the game; taking advantage of any slow down in play to catch up on the previous inning. This requires keeping our laptops close by as we are shooting the game.

I am frequently asked about the stand I use to hold my laptop for in-game editing so I decided to compile the details for easy sharing. Keep reading if you are interested.

Still in the stands to start 2021, but this time with fans all around us.

This setup really came together for me in the 2019 season. There is a built-in counter in the back of the outside first base camera well at Minute Maid Park, but using it means having to turn your back to the field while editing. I decided I wanted to keep my eyes on the action so I started assembling this stand. Friends and colleagues shared different ideas and I took all the advice and settled on the following:


Depending on where I am setup I will use either one of two clamps:

Manfrotto Super Clamp – This is a great all purpose clamp that will fit around most railings and poles up to 2 inches. (There are several other manufacturers that make similar clamps, and versions with a different handle, but I still use the original.)

Kupo Super Visor Clamp – I’ll use this clamp if I am in a spot with a thicker mounting area. I feel like I can crank down the Kupo tighter without fear of breaking the clamp, but it’s larger size means it won’t work in many locations.


Manfrotto 244N Variable Friction Magic Arm – From remote cameras to lighting gear and even laptop stands the variable friction arm allows you to turn and twist your setup into the perfect position.


I need a couple adapters to easily mount the laptop tray onto the variable friction arm:

Manfrotto 014-38 Rapid Adapter – 5/8″ Stud to 3/8″ Thread – This rapid adapter easily slips onto the end of the variable friction arm and secures the tray into place.

On-Stage MA300 5/8″ Male to 3/8″ Female Knurled Mic Screw Adapter – This step-down thread adapter allows the rapid adapter to screw into the laptop tray.

Laptop Tray:

On-Stage MSA5000 Laptop Mount – This laptop mount will easily hold up to a 16″ MacBook Pro and has little tabs that will keep it from sliding off unless something really crashes into it.

Alternative: I know several people that use the Tether Tools Table Aero, but the cost for this tray alone equals my complete setup with clamp and arm. But it does offer a larger surface.


Total cost including sales tax is just under $200. Not bad for a very flexible setup you can mount just about anywhere for live editing.

Shooting from the corner of the outside first camera well during 2021.
Shooting from the stands during the 2020 COVID season.
Clamped to the railing on the top row of the outside first camera well in 2019.
Shooting from the stands during the 2020 COVID season.
2022 brought a new robot camera taking up space in the outside first camera well but my setup could easily adapt.

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